There’s always a dark cloud after a bright one.

It’s been a while since my last time posting and hopping to others blog. Last 2 weeks were the wackiest week for me. The first week is the holiday one. I’m very busy with family, members, and for myself. So, time for blogging stuff was very limited.

The second week is a week where everything turned into disaster. With the whole holiday I didn’t do any assignment, last week, I spent my days mostly on assignment. Plus, I also had 3 tests last week and I don’t prepare anything for it. So, the result that I got for now, I almost fail my Digital’s test and it is the worst. I was expecting a good mark from Digital subject since it is my favourite subject and mostly I understand the subject very well. But a lot of simple-dimple mistakes make a super duper failing result. The day I got that result is the heart breaking day for me.

Then, come Saturday, which I got 2 tests on this day. Material Science at morning while Signal System on noon, this was a very tiring mentally and physically. Imagine I need to prepare for 3 tests and assignments in a week, I regret not spending the holiday correctly. But now I’m free! Free from tests, and assignments. I’ve finished all and I’m free. Merdeka!

Happy Independence Day and Enjoy the Ramadan!


shotliver said...

Wow ring that sux!! I guess you can always do better in the next test.. no worries. I'm sure you will be fine! ha ha ha yes Panic concert was full of young kids, I felt old there ha ha ha ha but I did enjoy my self.
Well good luck for the week ahead!

PS: Selamat ber ibadah Puasa :)

cik kiah said...

no worries. darkness usually comes first, so that we can learn and get live. then will the happiness comes. :)

ps: UM punye fireworks biasa2 aje hehe jgn tensen2

RinG said...

to shotliver,

waah, once again, you wrote in Malaysia.. thank you for your advice.. btw, panic's fans mostly youngsters i guess.. good luck for you too for coming weekend..!

to cik kiah,

darkness comes first so that we know how pain it is to be on dark sides.. so that we learn to stay at bright one. said...

kullu sanah wa antum bi kheir.