Reaching to the other glorious 2020

Everybody who lived in Malaysia knows what represent the 2020 numbers. It is the year where we’re aiming to be a modern country. Modern doesn’t mean a flying cars revving throughout the country, but modern means we’re the best in every aspect we’re involve. From the politics, administrative, and education systems, we must always be at the first class. Even our sports also must be the best. By the year 2020, Malaysia is prepared to compete with other big bullies nations such as US, Europe, India, China, and Australia. Well, it’s Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) that I speak about.

But, last Friday, my housemates and I are thinking of other vision to quest. The quest was named as Living 2020. Thanks to our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi who gave us inspiration for this new vision. During the budget presentation, PM announced that every first RM20 will be paid by government so it is free at first RM20. Before this, Selangor Mentri Besar had announced the first 20 of water will be paid by state government. Seeing the number as cool, we decided to target using water below 20 and try to use electricity as low as possible.

Our first water bill was RM2.85 while the second bill is RM1.05. That was after discount. We are very confident to get a free bill next time. Our first electricity bill was about RM 33 something and it goes a little bit cheaper for another month. Though it looks hard to reach below RM20, but we’ll try to minimise our electricity using. So, don’t say our effort won’t success because we’re very committed with this vision. To make this to a success one, it need more than commitment because management of these two necessities are crucial. So accidentally, it prepares us to success in the year 2020.

Ps/ it is good to start saving during fasting month!


Princess Liyana said...

Selamat berpuasa ok:)

and berterawih:)huhu

Cik Mira said...

1st, selamat berpuasa ye?
yg kedua, owh tsangatlah bagus visi baru kamu itu. hurm.. dah lame tinggal tak baca blog, sbb dah lame bhenti menulis. masa dah tak cukup2 skrg ni. tp awk jgn bhenti tau. masih ada org2 sperti sy yg nak membaca. :D

izzahismail said...

wah,usaha btol nak capai visi.
if it's working,let me know eh.
hee ;))

slmt berpuasa ;)

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

yeap, selamat berpuasa! dan bersahur dan berbuka..!

to cik mira,

yes, ty, selamat berpuasa jg.. mmg visi itu impian mat jenin.. haha.. nnti saya try untuk xstop.. ty ya.. slalu la dtg..

to izzahismail,

if it's working, i let the whole world know it and you will suer be know bout this.. haha.. selamat berpuasa!

Princess Liyana said...


ceritakakilima said...

Berpuasa tu bukan setakat mulut dan perut. kaki, tangan, mata, telinga, hati dan otak juga kena puasa barulah lengkap.

Norae said...

adik ring,

visi yang baguss sekali. Tak salah mempunyai visi, malahan ia adalah dorongan untuk mencapai cita..

silence said...

amir!!!! nak peta cmne nak gi kgns tu x?? online!