The Loner

This post actually should be published long time ago but since I am so sick, I'll just finished write about this.

This is the latest book I had finished reading. This one too is great to me. While reading this book, you won't ask for another book to get through your life because this one is very irresistible.

The story is about a boy, who lost his family by 14 years old, and to survive, he had done plenty of works. What I like most about this book is, well, it's about a boy's life. Then, what really nice to me is, it reminds me of how sweet it is when I am on my first crush. Well, kid's crush, you know it, don't you? If you don't have any clue about those feelings, well, it's time to have this book! Read it.

But, that's only happened in early story. Starting from the middle of the story, the story become so hard, too sad, and so much of pitiful. It told you how hard for this boy to have his family back, how he walked through the unfamiliar roads to find his first crush. Ghaww, I need more books like this! You read it, you know it. By the way, the endings always the best from a good book.

I guess this will be my last book for a while because the new semester will starts by this Monday. Gosh, today is Friday! Well, I need to give way for more academic books. So, there will be no novel for a while. (Usually, I never followed this rule! Haha.)


izzahismail said...

i love books.
i really am.
kdg2 if i'm in bookstore,i have to survey first before i do the buying,because normally it's beyond the budget.

till then.

mie said...

it is interesting.. (",)

i should read this book.. huhU~

Norae said...


You're different than other normal teenager. Its the good one. :)

Jarang rakyat Malaysia rajin membaca.

cik kiah said...

cewah byk nye pujiannn utk encik ring hahaha

RinG said...

to izzahismail,

you love books? well, who doesn't right? well, usually before I went to bookstore, I search online first and maybe a lil readings in newspaper reviews.

to mie,

oh yeaaah, it is veeery interesting! you must read it.

to norae,

eh really? hee, *blush*blush*
there's many teens out there read more than me lah. anyway, ty!

to cik kiah,

ye ke bnyk? mane? ko xpuji pon.. haha

Princess Liyana said...

Well, i guess you have to break the rules now! academic book..argghh:p

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

huhu.. not now.. too early!

mie_amour said...

cam best je buku u ni..aahhahaha..actually i'm not really into english novel..i know i should tp blum jmpa novel yg suits me bestla...but ur review make me my heart so eager to read it la...ahahahaha...i'm currently encouraging myself to read english stuff...really have to improve my english..u taught me a lot with ur blog laa buddy..thanx..

RinG said...

to mie_amour,

hmm, english novels or books is a must, that i'm sure.. so, it is good when you're encouraging yourself to read one.. but i wonder, how much that i'm helping you.. i hope i'm not ruining your grammars.. haha

Anonymous said...

buku ni ssuai x utk ak??