What an end to the world

You hear about what had happened to China? Heard about Myanmar being hit by cyclone? Have you ever feeling so hungry because there is no food because rice is very limited and the prices is not cheaper any more. Not yet? Well consider this. With China being shaken by earthquake, the world will be much less with rice. I don't know what percentage do China shares about rice production in this world but after this tragedy, this planet don't have enough to feed the victims. And I'm afraid will be there any food to sit on our table?

Afraid huh?

What can we do?


We can't do anything! Pray? Sure, we always should pray. But praying alone is not enough. We should work out something. But what we can do?


Government all around the globe saying we should change our lifestyle. What da heck?! If they want us to eat plastics and metals that stuck on your teeth, no way, that's my braces. Politicians, wake up! You're not living in era where public were afraid of politicians. Not anymore. We need you to changed whatever policy that we don't know to turn Earth into a place of eating.

But since that's not gonna be happen in this century. Maybe we should move to Mars. No, we can't go to Mars, because men were from Mars. So where should we go. Pluto? Maybe.

Whatever planet that we're aiming to, we need to remember one thing. The era of cheap food is gone. For the better or worse, that's what the newspaper told me. So, start saving. Eat what you can afford. Save your money, you'll need it to pay for Pluto's trip. Save also your food supply. Send your children to hostel so that you can save your food supply. Ask your parents to stay with you because this may help to save your money a little bit. They'll pay for the food. Haha.