Happy Teacher's Day

Uh oh, it's 16th May already! It is Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day for all teachers around the globe, Malaysia to be exact. Thanks for all the effort to make us, me especially a human. You save me from being a beast.

To dearly:

Teachers from SRK (currently SK), SMK, MRSM, I thanked all of you a lot! I'm famous from those schools because of you! Muahaha.

Lecturers from Penang Matriculation College, thank you for 3.88CGPA!!!

Lecturers of Electrical Engineering of UiTM Shah Alam, I'm waiting for the result right now. Hope this celebration will make you easy on marking our papers.

To my grandfather, and grandmother, you're teachers of the past, who taught in hardness. Naik perahu pagi2 to teach at the other side of river. And leave my mother to take care of her own. How hard those days you strove, that is what making Malaysia to the greatest.

Happy Teacher's Day