Tun is back into UMNO

Nope, it is just a lie. I lied. Yeap, I'm a liar. Tun Dr. Mahathir actually did out of UMNO and there is no turning back. I'm sorry I lied. (weeeww, confession is a damn good thing!) haha

And the news is spreading fast. Yeap, I'm a liar. The whole world know that. So don't trust me. Haha. By the way, everybody starts blogging about this, so let's make some difference. Ngueh ngueh ngueh.

And I don't know if Tun's step can serve him best or not. Is this step will bring him up? Or down? But for sure, he's quitting for real now. Yes, it's time for him to take a real break. Well, at least after he's done with Lingam's investigation.

Keep it cool, have a rest.


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