It is A or C

A stands for ARCHULETA, while C for COOK.

It's American Idol dude. Now it is David vs David. One is David Archuleta while the other one is David Cook. I'm on Cook side. Cook will win the American. Cook has a little bit of rock star image like Bon from U2, Jon Bonjovi, and Billie Joe Amstrong of Green Day. And rock star is always easily accepted into people's heart. Know why, because they're ROCKS! The unshaved face give a matured image compared to Archuleta.

Archuleta, hmm, I don't know him that much. With his GOSH! trademark. I can't bear him saying 'GOSH!'. Da heck? GOSH, his unreal! GOSH! Hate this, GOSH!

Whatever it is, the feelings of Cook will win the American Idol contest is very positive. If I'm happen to living in America, he'll sure get my vote. But thanked God Malaysia is my hometown. Never regret about that.

AF? Ape barang?! Haha -> kidding duh