Move On laa

Remember Hai-O? The one who appeared in local television with stupid acts and makes everybody in Malaysia laughed out loud over the expressionless advertisement, do you remember it? Well, if I'm not mistaken, Hai-O is the company who distributes the water filter which carried the Bio-Aura brand, correct me if I'm wrong. Well, think again, why do we need the water filter and why selling the filters could make people rich.

Water filter, hmm, I do have one at my house, not a Bio-Aura product, but a kind where you put the filter before your tank so that the water in the tank is already filtered. Well, I am not to brag that my house has one, but to appoint why do we need them? Take a look at your water bill, what kind of service do you pay to the contractor (at my place it is Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd) where the rates are so high and all that you deserved is a gold-like coloured waters. I know some of the rates are dedicated for maintenance, for supplying the waters, for the amount of water received, but the exact amount of bills we pay here, do you know at the more civilized (modern) country we can get a cleaner water supply. It is clean till you can drink from the tap, do it here and the next few hours you'll get cholera that I'm sure.

Ever heard any business man from Europe, American, Oceana get rich because supplying water filter? Noticed that in film people from these continents drink right from the tap? Serving the guests with water from the tap! Well, that's what I want from our own tap. Give me reasons so that the bill is worth every cent. Come on la government, open up, wake up, make these contractors improve the water quality. Think what happens to those who can't afford to buy the damn filters. Last morning they buy new white clothes, the next day the white colours turn out gray. And the worst will go to school children, I had once during my primary school, it sucks. Now I have grown up, the quality never improved, I ought for improvement.

PS/ wish somebody from the water agency to read this.


silence musica said...

amir, trust me. u would not want to drink the water from the tap. Seriously. I am used of buying mineral water here. bottles and bottles. Even though it is safe, still there are benda2 mcm x hampir larut yg mcm iyekk gila. and the taste is so not fresh.

Mr. Shcomey™ said...

laaaa amir..kate air kaler emas..harga pon cam emas gak arr..haha

Anonymous said...


me too not really interested at drinking from the tap. all i want is the quality level where you wont feel malu malu bila nak serve ur guest. yela, dah la kuning, berbau pulak tu.

mr x comey,

aku tak minum air emas n. igt aku Midas ke? haha


silence musica said...

yaa.. so right.! at least something quality kan. apa air kaler emas ni? x fhmm..

Anonymous said...

air karat la


HEROICzero said...

lambat pikap la budak tuh.. wakaka ~

silence musica said...

hahaha. diam! mana tau. kot2 ada betul2 air karat kan.

Anonymous said...

memang ade air karat.. skrg tgh citer sal air karat la zati.. duh

-pAi Lemau DaLe

silence musica said...

shutup adil~