Well, update

Hehe, well it seems I am too busy to make some updates before this. Well, the another semester had finished. Last semester was a superb hectic one. I never knew why I don't have time to blog, I was too busy. But hey, the semester is over and all I want is the best result for the exams. And the best part when the final examination is over is you are at home!

By the way, before reaching home, I was with my friends, we were traveling throughout the northern peninsular. Hehe, seriously it was fun and I hope we will make it again someday. Well, I've been to Perak, Pahang, Terengganu, and lastly, back to my hometown, Kelantan. The journey was a budgeted one, we just stroll wherever we found interesting such as Teluk Batik at Perak(dunno the exact place), Menara Condong at Teluk Intan, Teluk Chempedak at Kuantan, seeing the Kemaman city fired by flames from the something to do with Petronas places, visiting the Masjid Kristal at Terengganu and lastly, going to the the biggest museum in Malaysia claimed by the museum itself.

Seriuosly, it is fun to have a journey like that, anybody who read this should plan one. Well, the cost is not to high as you're sharing the expenses with your friends. Well, try have one.

And here I promise to try to get updated more often. Hehe

ps/ if you think this post sucks, well it gets harder to start writing again after you leave it for a long time, I'll try my best next time. Peace


Achu Tra said...

you're back!!!...what a surprise!!...how's exam?? OK huh..selamat eidul adha

Norae said...

salam dik...

welcome back... at lastt..hehe

dah sampai kelate lah nie yea...
selamat menyambut aidil adha ekkk

RinG said...

to achu tra,
hehe, yes i'm back.exam so far so bad but hoping for a great results though.

to kak norae,
duk kelate dh leni, pulang dari perantauan doh. huhu. selamat beraya jgk kak. xkelik ko?