Starting Over

It had been a very long time ago since the last time I make a review about books that I read. Well, this is my latest reading, another book from my favourite author, Tony Parson

Well, just like me trying to start writing again in this blog (and of course getting everybody's attention back) this book tells about a man's life trying to rebuild his life after getting the second chance to live.

Well, it is a good book to have to kill your (or is it only me who have..) free time during rainy season? I don't quite sure whether this book is good or not but because Tony Parson is my favorite author, anything that he wrote suit my reading style. Usually, it is all about a man's life turns sucks due to difficulties which any man could have in their own life. That is what he usually wrote and I like reading it.

Starting Over gives you the real situation when a man whose life is a so-so, I mean he goes to work, he make sure there is food on the table, giving his children educations, doing the house chores and so on. To make it simple he does what an ordinary father and husband do. This story tells us (I refer to man) that it is not enough. Being a father to your own child is not enough. Being a husband to a wife too is not enough. Our way of life demands men to act more than a father and husband. And George only realizes it is not enough only when he gets a heart attack. And for the sake of continuity of the story, Tony Parson elaborate what we (again, to man) should really do to make our (man, again, well this is a story about a man's life) family being together. So what we need to do? You read it on your own and lu pikr la sendiri.

George who had a heart attack was given the second chance where he was given a new heart, to survive. Here, Tony Parson wants to teach every man in this world to take care of their own family more than they expected. Second chance in this book is to make us think, what if we never have the second chance to build our family. To correct what we have done wrong in building the family. So, if you're a family guy, buy this, and read it. I don't know how to explain more since I don't have my own family yet. I mean a family of my own wife and children.

PS/ this is only my personal view, nothing great actually.


izzahismail said...

heyyy :) lame tak drop sini. been busy. and the last time i read a proper book... em. tak ingat dah. haish.

take care :)

RinG said...

hai, do drop bye always. hehe and do some reading too