Somehow I miss my sister very much. Seeing her picture posted in Myspace make it worst. Though seeing her recent pictures makes me glad she is fine and healthy and make friends, I still can't get rid my worries for her. I need something more than pictures to trust her.

Should I flee there? Haha, maybe!


Anonymous said...

a ticket for assurance:
go see her via webcam lah ring!
that's a sweet part of u as a brother - rindu! ;)
how old is she anyway?

shotliver said...

Awww... that is so sweet ring!! I'm sure she is fine.. Skype would be a good option don't you think?

Mr. Shcomey™ said...

haha..aku bangga ngn kau!~

izzahismail said...

oh. i think ur sister will be so touched if she read this. :)

CONNIE said...

u and yur sis r twin or what?

RinG said...

to ariana,

yeap, webcam, somehow my laptop not equipped with that. will buy it sooner, when my pocket allows..well, she's a year younger by me..

to shotliver,

well, been contacting her with another messenger, so far time difference won't allow us to chat more often and she's getting busier now so better not bother her..

to mr. schomey,

geng, bangga ke? haha, tetibe aku rase jiwang la plak.. smalam touching sket do.. haha..

to izzahismail,

lol, it's better if she don't read this..

to connie,

hehe, chuckle-giggle.. no-lah, we're not twins, we're just close.. very close.. grow up with each other always be side by side..

Princess Liyana said...

Flee? Hhehe...why not;)

Anonymous said...

so...i gez she's 'sebaya' with me la then? :)

are_dale said...

owh ko ade adek perempuan kah? hehe nie yg wt aku nk korek myspace ko neh.. jap eh ame..