I'm Free!

At last, after almost 2 years living without Internet, my rented house has gained the access. Because we can't subscribe to Streamyx due to house developer policy, we take iZZi. Though it is a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

So far, the connection is good, very good. The download and upload rate is better compare to Streamyx especially during peak time. iZZi is a wireless Internet provider. Even though connection without wire usually got a bad review from technology wise person, I think there is nothing less with this connection type.

I hope somebody from iZZi read this and give me a free gift for a good review. LOL


Anonymous said...

Mr. ring!pki celcom broadband la.
kinda worthy for splurging bout 500++ bucks.hehe!;)
oh ya,i got new blog adress.give me ur email if u wanna view mine at rocksounds_ariana@yahoo.com.sg

izzahismail said...

first time i heard about it :)

i'm BUSY with exams!!! bleurghh!

Princess Liyana said...

congrats!huhu..have fun surfing;)

CONNIE said...

nape da jarang update blog?