This award goes to

As introduction, I want to seek an apology to Miss Izzah Ismail as I am very very late collect an award that you give me. Sorry sorry sorry. (Don't stop awarding me.. hehe)

After more than 4 years of blogging and changing about three blogs, this is my first time receiving award. So, let's start this by saying "Special thanks to Miss Izzah for the award".

So, following the regulations, I am going to forward this award and the next four lucky receivers will be (read this as you see in Grammy Award ceremony.. hehe):

1) Cik Kiah: A girl who I knew in blogs life and I think she's coool.. heheh

2)Mr. Schomey: budak skolah aku ni, nakal nii..

3)Miss Shotliver: Somebody who I envy her very active life. (ps/ if you don't understand the picture above, do tell me eh)

4)Miss Turtle: Aah, young and famous lady.