Remember about one of my post, that I said I’ll stop reading novels once the semester began? I wrote that before the last semester began. The truth is I still read novels.
While I was cleaning my closet I found a lot of the novels and as far as I remember, I never make any review on the novels. So, here are the reviews.

First Book:

The Loner by Josephine Cox

This book is all about a boy’s life that makes his own living. I don’t quite remember how this book excite me but if you’re a boy, growing up to be a man and still not appreciating of what you had have in your life, this book can makes you a better man. It makes you realise how hard to live in this world without working hard and to have a good family is important so that no children will left alone. It also teaches you how important to be a good leader in a family. A really good book if you are living in wealth and want to appreciate of what you have. Don’t buy this if you’re a woman, it is just about a boy’s grown up stories for you. ß My friend said this, hehe.

Second Book:

An Ocean Apart Away, a World Away by Lensey Namioka

Asian born writers always are my favourite. Their writings somehow closed at heart. Well, Lensey Namioka is one of the great writers I know though now she’s living in United State. Well, this book surely about an Asian Chinese girl who really wants to succeed in her life. Back to early 1920’s where women rarely achieved high education; she is determined to be a doctor. Well, she ended up studying in America. I really enjoyed this book because it really motivates me to study, study, study, and less play. Haha. Imagine how hard at those time for a Chinese girl to travel across the globe from the China to America. Just for a reminder, there are no planes at the time. Only 197 pages to stride, it is a very good light reading for weekends. Good to have at least one of a book like this.

Third Book:

Reader’s Digest Select Edition

I stole this from my sister. Nothing is great about this book. It just a collection of several good and boring stories. Follow the Stars Home, Hunting Badger, The Quiet Game, and Second Wind are the stories included. Too bad from me to steal this kind of book, too bad for my sister to have her money spent on a book like this. I’ll never buy Reader’s Digest collection even it is the only choice I that I have.

Other Books:

I too download some novels from Internet and usually I don’t finish it at all because I don’t like reading novels on computer. Make my eyes burning. But there is one book from John Grisham which is very good. I don’t remember the title and it is already deleted from my hard drive. But mostly, I never finished reading novels on computer. Still prefer the old ways of flickering, not scrolling.

Currently Reading:

The semester is just begun and there is still no big assignment so far. So to keep me entertain I am reading a very very very catchy novel now. Now I am reading the second volume of The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. If you like fantasies and magic, this is an alternative for Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring. Trudi Canavan has always be my favourite writer for this kind of novel. This trilogy has three volumes which are The Magician Trilogy, The Novice, and The High Lord. Oh, I just finished the second volume and the third volume I left it at my home back at Kota Bharu. Can’t wait for the next holiday, I just desperately need to continue reading the trilogy till ends.

Oh ya, Trudi Canavan has another trilogy, it is the Age of the Five. It is also about magic and fantasies in their own world. If you’re happen to buy or read the Canavan’s trilogy, I highly recommend for you to do it at once. Don’t think twice, just grab it and live through the stories (I even dream living in that world once, hehe). Both of her are the best, trust me.


are_dale said...

weh salin sinopsis kt blakang la 2.. bajet macam baca..haha..nie same kes mcm buku nilam time skolah dulu.. taw x buku nilam? ala yg skolah dulu2...ala...


RinG said...

hekeleh adil ni, rajin sgt aku nk menyalin.. haha

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