Again, I survived from Hell

Yes, I wrote before that I'm rolling out of hell. Last two weeks had been a very hectic week for me. Imagine four tests in two weeks and the side effect is I completely lost my soul and fetched it at the Hell's door. Scary~

So, last weekend had been a great time to rest. I sleep, I do nothing, I read novel, I surf the net, and then I do nothing again. Aah, what a harmonist way to have some body and soul relaxes.

Last two weeks also is the day where my sister officially went to New Zealand, Christchurch (if I'm not mistaken) to study. Though she and I used to not seeing each other for a long time (we study at different places and her place always better than mine), but I already miss her. All that I hope is she's doing fine there.

pS/ shotliver, if you found her, you drag her to your Salsa class and Kendo is better. She's dying of boredom. Hehe


Mr. Shcomey™ said...

bohh..xajak g klia..cmni ar amir....

Anonymous said...

oh mr. ring!gez what?i got 4 tests in a week.lucky u got 4 tests in 2 weeks time.well..air dicincang tak akan putus ya mr. ring... :)

shotliver said...

Wow ring... no wonder you haven't been writing... Busy busy busy! that sux! Hope you did well with your test...

Awww... your sister is in Christchurch.... No wonder she is bored! LOL... Nuuhh Christchurch is a gorgeous city! I really like it... and they have a 2 kendo clubs there :P and also heaps of salsa classes... Is she studying at Canterbury university or at Lincon?

RinG said...

mr. schomey,

ble ko nk tukar name ni? segan aku nk type.. haha.. ala, KLIA je pon... bukan jepun pon.. xde Pizza nye kat situ... haha

to ariana,

haha, well now, i guess i'm lil bit lucky cuz you are not.. haha.. kidding.. test never be fun..

to shotliver,

well, she's in Canterbury... doing Chemical Engineering... any short Asian looking face should be her. haha.. she's the shortest among her friends.. haha

Princess Liyana said...

4 tests?? must be damn tired..have a good rest;)

CONNIE said...

u r way luckier.
frz nyer exam sebulan lebey.
total paper are 9.
sebulan nie study untuk exam.

Achu Tra said...

bro. ring...
lecturer2 meme ppakat bui test sekali belako nok tengok anok murid dio nih terrorist ko dok!!haha...ambo pung ggitu jugok..

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

haha, dah rest abes dah... lenguh2 kepala je..

to connie,

sebulan ada 9papers.. biar betik..! uihh, kalo saye kompem da kepala tercabut.. haha

to achu tra,

haha, ni buke stakak terrorirst nih.. pakak jd kamikaze blako dh.. abih jadi pejuang brani mati, denga pranga xg klas laa, xwat tutor laa.. sbb test ni la..

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