Home and Alive

Another semester is completed and I am glad I still alive and the world still here. Plus, I'm home and surprisingly I manage to save some money and so far, I am not broke (well usually I'm broke the day I arrived at my home).

My plan for this semester break is too complete my internship successfully. Yes, I'm having my internship program during this break for the whole 2 months. So, good luck to me, and of course to all of my friends too.

To start my holiday havoc-ly, yesterday (8th May) I went to Lembah Bidong at Terengganu to join several of my friends from the Neo's club. Well, Lembah Bidong is well known for us for it's 400-500 meters straight track and guess what we were doing there. It was a drag battle! At first I didn't have any intention to join in the drag event, I was there because of my friend's request only (to make the crowds) and also because I just arrived at Kelantan the day before (7th May) and my lovely car and its handsome owner still tired from the traveling.

But then it turns out not to be like that. I've got some invitation(s?) to duel with them. What can I say, I just accepted it and wallah, I've won! Congrats to me. My machine is great, I love it.


The Aspiring Guitarist said...

sounds good

RinG said...

i'm good, thanks

HEROICzero said...

gud luck~ =) intern mane?

Anonymous said...

intern kat kb jekk. penniless nak intern jauh2


HEROICzero said...

yg penting pengalaman. jauh dekat same jek.

*cewaah ape aku neh..

Mr. Shcomey™ said...

perghh..lumba haram. aku btaw polis. kasi tembak kat kepala. hehe